Output 1.2 ‘Developing the cluster cooperation platform’

A report mapping initiatives with potential synergies to the cluster cooperation (European Territorial Cooperation Programmes, Marco Polo II programme, 7th Framework Programme, TEN-T programme), with a purpose to strengthen cluster results and ensure their visibility for relevant stakeholders.

BSR Transport Cluster – Output 1.2 – Developing cooperation platform


Output 2.2 ‘Green corridor best practice cases and methodologies’

A report presenting critical factors and lessons learned by the past and ongoing EU-funded projects in developing transport greening measures.  The conclusions are based on opinions of professionals actively working in green corridor projects.

BSR Transport Cluster – Output 2.2 – Green corridor best practice cases and methodologies


Output 2.3 ‘BSR transport blueprints’

A report drawing on the results of investigation on the best practices in green corridor management (Output 2.2) and presenting them in a generalised format. Blueprints are understood as solutions, which stem from market needs, are developed together with the business stakeholders and which are beneficial for sustainable regional growth.

BSR Transport Cluster – Output 2.3 – BSR transport blueprints


Output 2.4 ‘Optimising the implementation of TEN-T core network corridors’’

A brochure prepared in cooperation with the Joint Technical Secretariat of the BSR Programme feat. the cluster know-how on enhancing infrastructure and services along long-distance corridors, with urban centres as transport nodes and last mile sections. The proposals are concordant with the European Commission’s ambitions to create a Single European Transport Area and may be referential to the transport development measures in the EU macroregional strategies.

BSR Transport Cluster – Output 2.4 – Optimising the implementation of TEN-T Corridors


Output 3.1 ‘Relevant strategic transport policies and implementation frameworks’

An overview of transport-related policy initiatives, programmes and plans at the European, macroregional (Baltic Sea area) and national levels as a reference for the cluster work. The overview provides a solid basis for harmonisation efforts intended under the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region (Priority Area Transport).

BSR Transport Cluster – Output 3.1 – Relevant transport policies and implementation frameworks


Output 3.2 ‘Cluster discussion paper’

A joint address of the representatives of all eight projects to policy stakeholders at national and European level, pointing at major challenges in development of a harmonised transport system in the Baltic Sea Region.

BSR Transport Cluster – Output 3.2 – Cluster discussion paper


Output 3.3 ‘Policy-making events for the cluster cooperation’

Regularly updated calendar of events at the European, BSR and national level of interest for the cluster, including internal events of the cluster partners.

BSR Transport Cluster – Output 3.3 – Stakeholder events for cluster cooperation


Output 3.4 ‘Policy conference report’

A report featuring highlights from the “Greening Transport – Blueprints from the Baltic Sea Region” policy conference organised by the cluster partnership in Brussels on 4 June 2013. The conference gathered over 100 participants, including high-level representatives from the European Commission (DG MOVE and DG REGIO) and from the European Parliament to debate  the increasing mutual benefit of transport and regional policies and the specificity of transport greening actions in the Baltic Sea Region.

BSR Transport Cluster – Output 3.4 – Policy conference report


Output 4.1 ‘Best practices in transport infrastructure financing’

A report of best practice financing arrangements for investments in BSR transport infrastructure, presenting an overview of funding sources and types (incl. different PPP models) as well as case examples of various infrastructure projects around the Baltic Sea (air, water, railways and road)

BSR Transport Cluster – Output 4.1 – Best practices in BSRP transport infrastructure financing


Output 4.2 ‘Discussion with IFIs and the private sector to combine financing sources for transport and logistics investments 

A memo with results of conducted discussions with IFI representatives on innovative financing for transport investments

BSR Transport Cluster – Output 4.2 – Session with IFIs


Output 4.3 ‘Dialogue with the European Commission on application of the recommended schemes to the EU cohesion and transport policies’

A memo summarising findings of the dialogue held with the Commission representatives on innovative TEN-T funding

BSR Transport Cluster – Output 4.3 – Dialogue with the ECOM


Output 5.1 ‘Mapping of the cluster experience and missing thematic areas’

A report mapping the cluster experience and identifying missing thematic areas to be considered in the transport priority of the BSR Programme 2014-2020

BSR Transport Cluster – Output 5.1 – Cluster experience and missing areas


Output 5.3 ‘The cluster and the ESPON BSR-TeMo project’

A memo analysing commonalities between the cluster work and the ESPON BSR TeMO project, which attempts at developing a set of indicators measuring the territorial cohesion in the BSR and building a territorial monitoring system

BSR Transport Cluster – Output 5.3 – Cluster and ESPON BSR TeMo project


Output 5.4/5.5 ‘Cluster recommendations for the BSR Programme 2014-2020′

A memo featuring a strategic context of transport development in the BSR, complementarity with the implementation process of TEN-T core network corridors, greening of transport and multilevel governance issues as topics to be considered for inclusion in the next generation of the Baltic Sea Region Programme (2014-2020).

BSR Transport Cluster – Output 5.4-5.5 – Cluster recommendations to BSR Programme

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