09.2012: Start-up of the cluster activities


The eight clustering transport projects met for the first time since they entered the formal cooperation, in Lilleström, September 18, 2012, back-to-back with the BSSSC Annual Conference and the BSR Programme conference. With only 1 year’s cooperation ahead it is urgent to start acting and the project management together with the partners presented a vision of the work ahead. The kick-off meeting was also attended by the JTS (Joint Technical Secretariat of the BSR Programme) as the two parties agreed to a close dialogue as regards the cluster input to the drafting of the next programme document.

The BSR Transport Cluster is one of four clusters approved by the BSR Programme, similar have been created within the areas of Energy, Water and Innovation. The four clusters shared some first external attention together with a joint exhibition at the main conference area and invited for much interest and discussions.

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